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Defining the Montage

What is the difference between VITC and LTC Timecode and which one would you advise using?

Contributed by Glen Berry

What is a montage?

A montage is a sequence that is assembled with a sense for the rhetorical connections between shots rather than the continuity.

Continuity editing is the traditional and classic approach to constructing a scene. We move from one shot to the next in a linear, logical fashion. Time doesn't need to be honored in a pedantic way, we can compress or expand time as needed, but we are still moving through the scene in a logical way.

Montage editing is more concerned with the mood or feeling, the emotional relationship between images. Music is often the glue that holds the montage together but it is not required. Music is a rhetorical, emotional tool with powerful uses. It is natural to use montage editing with music and vice versa.

However, montages do not require music. The only requirement of a montage is a departure from continuity to convey meaning in a rhetorical manner.

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