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The Producer and the Law

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. Protect Yourself and Your Production
  2. Ownership and Control
  3. All Rights Derive from the Script

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  • A producer should have a strategy for protecting themselves and their production from legal harm. This will also ensure that other partners can participate in the film (distributors) without fear of a lawsuit.
  • Contracts and signed agreements establish ownership and control over the production. Make sure you have them in place to prevent issues in your relationships with investors, cast, crew and vendors.
  • The script is the foundational intellectual property of the entire production. You must make sure you own or control it before doing anything with your project.
The Producer and the Law
An introduction to a producer's understanding of the legal aspects of their job and the importance of observing a few guidelines.
Intellectual Property Basics
The spectre hanging over every independent producer's head is the threat of legal liability. Unfortunately, the first time that this spectre materializes, few are prepared and the legal sting can be lethal.
Reducing your Attack Surface
How to protect yourself against legal liability and ensure that your film is insurable for E&O.
The Option Agreement
Registration and copyright, the option agreement and control of the intellectual property.
Production Contracts
The essential documents that form the bulk of your paper armor against a lawsuit. Deal memos, Work-for-hire agreements, Location Releases and Music Rights.