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Post Production Workflow

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. Post is (relatively) Predictable
  2. Shot Selection and Order
  3. Picture Lock is a major milestone
  4. Make it Play without Music

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  • Post Production is much more predictable and less stressful than production. Managing a post production schedule is much easier than production.
  • The rough cut is about shot selection and shot order. Do not worry about timing. Your efforts will be wasted when you are instructed to rebuild sequences after the first viewing.
  • When the producer or director has signed off on picture lock, there will be no more changes to the edit. Get signatures on paper. Any changes to the edit after this point will be painful and expensive.
  • Your fine cut has to play and be watchable without music. Do not rely on music to rescue a scene. Music will make it better but the scene needs to play without it.
Introduction to Post Production
Introduction to the Post Production process, the roles of involved and the responsibilities of each contributor.
Post Production Workflow
The workflow through post production; ingesting and logging, rough cut, fine cut, titling, picture lock, sound track.
Post Production Rules of Thumb
Some guidelines that will put the post process in perspective and help draw parameters around scheduling and budgeting for post.
Editing the Narrative Short
The editor's approach to assembling a rough cut and fine cut, the challenges of the editor, the process of creating the movie in post production.
Three Pitfalls of the Editor
Three common pitfalls to which the editor can become the victim and how to avoid them.