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Murder Storyboard Analysis

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. Do Not Delegate Storyboarding
  2. Storyboards Require Careful Thought
  3. Review Storyboards with the DP

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  • The director should create their own storyboards to retain control the style and help refine their visualization.
  • Creating your storyboards requires careful consideration of your shots, the movement of actors through the space and the relationship between objects. Invest time into using this tool to refine your vision.
  • You would be well advised to walk through the storyboards with the DP, get his or her input, and use that feedback for a revision. It is especially valuable to do this in the actual physical space where the movie will be shot.
The "How to Get Away with Murder" Script.
The "How to Get Away with Murder" shot list.
"How to Get Away with Murder" Storyboards.
The Storyboard
An intro into storyboarding and why it is helpful in preproduction.
Storyboards are not Art
An interview with Martin Scorcese and Michael Chapman, the Director and Director of Photography of Taxi Driver on Storyboarding.
Taxi Driver Storyboard Example
A sample storyboard from Taxi Driver with matching shots from the finished product.
Murder Storyboard Analysis
An examination of the script, shot list, storyboard and final product for the "How to Get Away With Murder" project.
The Camera Diagram
The importance of the camera diagram as a tool to refine the director's visualization, as well as the importance of eye lines and the 180 degree rule.