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Crystal Sync Nagras

Music Copyright 1
if I'm making a film can I used copyrighted music if I'm only going tos end it into film-festivals?

Phone Recording
I'm making a film that requires the recording of a live phone coversation. Obviously, one end of the phone will not be hard to record. But getting the other voice on there and make it sound like authentic phone conversation is proving difficult. i have thought about just recording both people live and then cut back and forth throughout the conversation via editing, but it goes back and forth enough to make somebody dizzy. Any suggestions for a low, low budget amatuer?

Syncing DV to DAT
Is it true that digital video(Canon XL-1 Mini DV) runs at a different speed than DAT recordings, making the task of synching up the sound to the video very difficult? And if so, any suggestions on doing this?

Selecting a Boom Microphone
i have a question i hope you can answer. i am producing a small feature on an xl1 (with an xlr adaptor), what is a good boom mic to purchase and do YOU sell them? to rent or buy? and about how much am i looking at in terms of cost? i want a good mic with good sound. i was told that the sennheiser 416 is good. what about boom poles and zepplins? please get back to me asap.

Is there a difference between a boom mic and a shotgun mic?

The Cost of an Orchestra Score
I've been dreaming of having my original film score performed by an orchestra, am I out of my mind by thinking I can afford it or are there other alternatives?

Contributed by Fred Ginsburg

Are all Nagra 4.2's crystal? My assumption is that they are, but it seems prices vary so much (I know that's related to condition and such). Can you tell me anything about the differences between Nagra 4.2, 4, and 4L?

Almost all 4.2's are crystal, although once in a blue moon or so it is possible to encounter a 4.2 that does not have the crystal sync board. (rare) The IV-L model came between the Nagra III and the recent 4.2. Outwardly, the IV-L is very similar to the 4.2, and features two mic inputs plus a third (line) input knob on the face. Record and sync wise, the IV-L is identical to the 4.2 There are a couple of minor cosmetic differences, but nothing difficult to figure out. The main difference with the IV-L is that it was a period of transition and experimentation regarding the mounting of the head stack. Some IV-L's will lose their head alignment easily; others are as rock solid as the 4.2 It is best to have an experienced Nagra tech check out any IV-L, to confirm that the head alignment is not prone to drift. I have written a booklet on the operation of the Nagra 4.2, which discusses the differences with the IV-L, called the "Guide to the Nagra 4.2" which we sell for $6.00.

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