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Jobs in Production

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. The AD directs traffic on the set
  2. Production Design creates the look.
  3. The DP manages camera and lighting

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  • The Assistant Director makes sure that everything and everyone is in place to do each shot and ensures nothing stands in the way of the next shot.
  • The Art Department, headed by the Production Designer, creates a look and feel for the production with all of the elements we see in the frame - wardrobe, set, make-up, hair and props.
  • The director of photography manages a sizable team that can include grips (camera support), gaffer (lighting) and camera assistants.
Handout with a description of jobs and table for assigning tasks.
Production Procedure
An introduction to production and a description of a basic shooting procedure.
Jobs in Production
Positions, duties and responsibilities on the set.
Location Sound
An introduction to location sound, microphone selection and the job of the sound mixer.
Production Design
An overview of the job of the Production Designer, and the importance of the Art Department to the production.