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The Filmmaking Team

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. Top Sheet Budget
  2. The Producer
  3. The Writer

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  • The budget summary used by executives to outline the above-the-line creative positions and the below-the-line technical positions.
  • The producer is a person of action. They will take an idea, gather the resources and see the idea through to the end. The producers challenge is to determine if the idea is worth the effort.
  • The writer is a thinker. The challenge of the writer is to face down the empty page and take those ideas floating around in their head and develop them into a fully formed story.
Introduction to Fiction Production
An introduction to fiction production, the objectives and focus of the course and the starting point of a project.
Five Phases of Filmmaking
A road map to the entire movie making process.
The Filmmaking Team
Above-the-line and below-the-line job positions and descriptions in Production.
Concept Development
A series of evaluations by the Producer to determine if the script is ready to move into the Production stage of development.